by Francesca Crowley

(noun; rev-er-ie): A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

“I dreamed of blackened hallways, to the other side, and I questioned whether we exist with the stars, or is it an empty sky?” I showed these lyrics to my friend Dali and we reminisced about a night of celebration tinged with apprehension. We both agreed that they portrayed the night powerfully and accurately, laying the foundation for my song, “Faint Lights” and launching my storytelling throughout Reverie.

Mateo, you have been my rock, I can’t imagine having done this EP without you. You shaped my ideas into something better than I visualized, loving and caring for them as much as I did. You have made me into the confident and driven musician I am today. You’re an incredible producer, and made my songs come to life.

Mum and Dad, you’re the most loving parents ever. Your encouragement to pursue and never give up on my dreams has meant the world to me; I cannot thank you enough. Words cannot describe how much I love you both.

Eric and Phillis, your support means everything to me.

Sophie, you helped my artistic vision of Reverie come to life with your beautiful artwork for the EP. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister in my life.

Jeremy, your talented engineering and mastering skills were essential.

Jen, your continued faith in me motivates me to persevere.

Gary, your thoughtful donation helped make all of this possible.

My family and friends, your support and love means the world to me.

Every wonderful musician involved, it means so much that you took the time to embark on this adventure with me. I couldn’t have done this without you:

Vocals: Anahide, Daisy Garcia, Rachel Nicole, Hunter Blair Ambrose, Tom Kaspa, Emma Williams, Daniel Yoong
Guitars: Gianlorenzo Galiano, Juan Esteban Arango
Bass: Daniel Yoong, Herman Francis Ramanado
Drums: Emma Blonde Williams
Mandolin: Mark Melissa Morley
Fiddle: Devon Gardner
Viola: Jeremy Keith
Cello: Li Yin Cheok
Trumpet: Alonzo Demetrius
Trombone: Thomas Gaumer
French Horn: Mackenzie Oprean

Step into my “Reverie” and walk through my memories. I hope they inspire you, touch you, and warm your heart.

Much love,

Francesca Crowley