"Reverie" EP - Physical CD

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Album Cover.jpg

"Reverie" EP - Physical CD



(noun; rev-er-ie):  A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

“I dreamed of blackened hallways, to the other side, and I questioned whether we exist with the stars, or is it an empty sky?”  I showed these lyrics to my friend Dali and we reminisced about a night of celebration tinged with apprehension.  We both agreed that they portrayed the night powerfully and accurately, laying the foundation for my song, “Faint Lights” and launching my storytelling throughout Reverie.


Track listing

1.       Take My Breath Away

2.       Air Balloon

3.       You’re on My Mind

4.       Faint Lights

5.       Till the End

6.       Something or Nothing

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